Sale of cottages pros

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If in previous years the main demand in the suburban real estate sector was focused on land and some houses, the recent sales are growing steadily cottages in organized townships. Villages cottages have important advantages blagodaryakotorym demand from buyers of suburban property is steadily increasing. Most towns have developed utilities – electricity, water, sewer, gas, telephone and internet. Also, cottage-type settlements have security and customer service. An additional advantage is the availability of social infrastructure – cafes, shops, restaurants, sports and entertainment tsentry. Chast new houses as soon as the first year is offered for sale and enters the secondary market for suburban property. And the sector is a small difference – the objects of economy class and the elite class is somewhat less than business class cottages. This difference is svoeobyasnenie in income and the availability of city property for permanent residence. At the beginning of construction of cottage settlements builders offer buyers of cottages are very favorable terms for the acquisition of real estate. The cost of houses in the initial stage up to 70% of the cost of the finished home. This allows investors to sufficiently near completion of a significant profit on the sale of the finished cottage on the secondary rynkezagorodnoy nedvizhimosti. Novye cottages, purchased for investment on the secondary market comes after the completion of the residential villa community facilities. The finished cottage, offered in the secondary rynkezagorodnoy property has significant advantages compared to the original object – an excellent location within the village of cottages and completeness of the basic operations (rough finish). After increasing the cost of a cottage about 40% appear first in the secondary market. This situation is typical for objects with high stepenyulikvidnosti and located in prestigious suburban napravleniyah.Po to experts suburban real estate market to include the most profitable houses in the villages of the elite class. But in this case the value of income can be quite uncertain, and payback period extends over a considerable period of time. Investments in business-class cabins and economy class with smaller value of return have a shorter period of time pookupaemosti investment. As a general rule – the greater the investment, the greater the yield percentage the investor can expect. Truth is necessary to consider one important fact – the risks increase in proportion to the size of the investment. In the houses are bought for investment purposes, which will be in high demand in the future. An important factor is the direction – the liquidity of the objects in the prestigious areas differ significantly. Most pronitsatelnyeinvestory invest their money in towns that have developed infrastructure and built in the same style of architecture.

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